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  • Znipe Esports

    Listen to James Trunk, CTO at Znipe Esports, talk about Znipe's successful partnership with SALT which has led to Znipe hiring two talented full-stack JavaScript developers.

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  • Launch event – Amsterdam

    Our Head of Curriculum & Quality, Marcus Hammarberg, holds a keynote about how you can become a professional developer in just three months. Can it really be done?

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  • Epicenter

    "In our 12 week immersive on-site bootcamp students go from novice to an autonomous Full Stack JavaScript developer working directly with companies in the Epicenter ecosystem."

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how does it work?

The objective is clear: our developers should be able to go straight into an agile development team, take a ticket and output quality code. For three intensive months, they are trained by highly experienced instructors at our campus in central Stockholm.

  • 1 Over 1,000 people apply every term to SALT. Some are experienced in C++, Java, or other parts of the web stack. Others are enthusiasts or self-taught hobby programmers.

  • 2 All applicants undergo personality tests and logic tests. We do this because the training is highly intensive and many lack the prerequisites required to cope with the demanding career program at SALT.

  • 3 After hundreds of telephone interviews and personal interviews, some 50 candidates have qualified for the final step. Here we review their ability to collaborate under pressure by letting them solve problems in teams.

  • 4 Of the approximately 1,000 candidates who applied, 30 people are now admitted to the program. They are trained in programming from early morning to late evening for three months straight. Over 500 development hours later, the developers who have passed the career program can seamlessly join a development team and start working as a productive developer.

  • 5 After the career program, we place the developers with our clients as consultants for twelve months. The developers quickly become a natural part of the team and are self-sufficient almost immediately. The hourly rate is below the market price for junior IT-consultants.

  • 6 After 12 months of consulting, our clients can take over the employment of developers at no additional cost.


  • Jonas Cedenwing

    CTO, Telness

    Jonas Cedenwing

    "Our Salt developers have gotten started impressively fast and are performing above expectations."

  • Peter Bergenwald

    Engineering director, Klarna

    Peter Bergenwald

    "They did better than developers with similar training"

  • Kristaps Rikans

    Regional Managing Director, Ubiquiti

    Kristaps Rikans

    "We want to form our developers, and that requires a hunger to learn and improve. The developers from SALT embody these traits."

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hire full-stack developers

Find qualified and vetted full-stack developers for your team. Our hand-picked students are trained experts in both front-end and back-end development for web & mobile applications. Choose from a large talent pool trained by the best instructors we could find in Northern Europe.

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    At SALT Upskill we offer courses in modern web technologies designed to elevate the skills of your existing workforce. Based on our experience of having trained more than 450 professional developers in our career program, we have produced a course material that will take your team to the next level. Our courses are three to five days long and are taught on-site at our campus in central Stockholm to ensure a truly immersive experience for your team. Our industry-leading instructors have a hands-on approach and apply mob-programming and agile work methods to build both individual knowledge and stronger teams.

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