At SALT Upskill we offer courses in modern web technologies designed to elevate the skills of your existing workforce. Based on our experience of having trained more than 450 professional developers in our career program, we have produced a course material that will take your team to the next level. Our courses are three to five days long and are taught on-site at our campus in central Stockholm to ensure a truly immersive experience for your team. Our industry-leading instructors have a hands-on approach and apply mob-programming and agile work methods to build both individual knowledge and stronger teams.

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  • Applied learning: 10 % theory, 90 % practicing

  • Mob programming: Learn quicker, strengthen your team and increase your effectiveness

  • An immersive experience: We promise 100 % engagement from our course participants

  • Expert coaching: Our instructors know what to learn, and what not to

  • Access to the insights gathered from having trained 450+ professional developers that are skilled in the technologies used in our courses

  • Satisfaction guarantee

Our courses

Below you will find our pre-made upskilling courses which run between 3-5 days, depending on how deep you would like to go into the concepts. We also create custom courses and bootcamps tailored to your needs. Contact us for more information.

    Introduction to React


    After this course you can write single page applications with React.



    After this course you can build web applications with Next.JS.

    .NET Core Backends with WebAPI


    After this course you will have working knowledge of accessing relational databases from .NET Core

    Database access with .NET Core


    This course will give the developer a working knowledge accessing relational databases with .NET Core.

    Serverless JavaScript on AWS using SAM


    After this course you will have basic understanding about AWS and building JAM Stack applications using AWS SAM.

    Introduction to React Native


    After this course the developer can be expected to be a working member of an experienced React Native team.

    Introduction to ASP.NET Core


    After this course you can build applications with ASP.NET using MVC and Razor pages.

    Azure development with .NET


    After this course you can build for and deploy (and run) applications to Azure.

    Getting started with Kanban


    Kanban can help you tomorrow; you and your team can both get started deliver more with less effort, and also get better control over the process.

    Getting started with mob programming


    You can get up and running with mob programming in a day, and have your team use it tomorrow.

    React Level 2


    After this course you can build an advanced React application with Redux for state management.